Hours: Monday - Saturday 9AM - 5:30PM & CLOSED on Sunday

Our Benson, NC office will be reopening 8-5-2020 (Wednesday) for regular hours however, our Hampstead, NC office will be CLOSED for the remainder of the week due to damage from Hurricane Isaias.

Link – go.pstricksproblems.org/hurricane-isaias-842020-web

We will try to update you every day on the status of the office closure. For the latest updates, visit news.pstricksproblems.org.

Pstrick’s Problem’s NC COVID-19 Update: We have changed the days we are open click here to see the latest update.

Thanks, Pstrick’s Problem’s NC

Pstrick’s Problem’s NC COVID-19 Update: Customers and Employees are now REQUIRED to wear a face mask while in our store.

Thanks, Pstrick’s Problem’s NC

What we do

Custom IT services for businesses and non-businesses

We can understand and support all areas of your IT systems from back-end infrastructure to front-end personal productivity. Our goal is to help keep your networks and computers secure.
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Projects within Pstrick's Problem's NC

What we are doing within Pstrick's Problem's NC

Stop worrying about IT problems

Are you concerned that your business is being stifled by your obsolete technology? Are you feeling like your growth and productivity has plateaued? Are you at the mercy of a total system failure without a cloud back-up plan in place?

Business Benefits of Our Information Technology

Streamlined work flow systems, shared storage and collaborative work spaces can increase efficiency in a business and allow employees to process a greater level of work in a shorter period of time. Information technology systems can be used to automate routine tasks, to make data analysis easier and to store data in a manner that can easily be retrieved for future use. Technology can also be used to answer customer questions through email, in a real-time chat session or through a telephone routing system that connects a customer to an available customer service agent.

We take care of your technology

Perhaps it’s time to call in the pros. We’ll whip your IT into shape and set you up with regularly schedule onsite support visits if needed.

Why choose us?

At Pstrick’s Problem’s NC, we leverage IT security and automation to help you:

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    Protect your business

    Reduce risk by preventing (or recovering from) security breaches.

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    Optimize IT systems

    Improve efficiencies, drive cost out of processes.

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    Empowering you to do more

    We allow you to focus more on the important things while we handle your IT needs.

Pstrick's Problem's NC Locations

Below is a Map of our NC Office Locations

Below you can find all of our NC offices. These offices are not opened to the public. We have two offices, one located in Johnston County and the other office in Pender County.