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COVID-19 Updates

Pstrick’s Problem’s NC COVID-19 Update 3-13-2020

Good Evening,

We would like to provide more information on the COVID-19 closure for Pstrick’s Problem’s NC. This closure is expected to last into April; however, we are only closed for the remainder of March. This closure impacts all scheduled meetings and appointments as well as our stores operating hours. At this time, we will not be scheduling any meetings or appointments until further notice. While our offices are closed, we will have cleaning crews inside our offices as a precaution for our customers and employees. Pstrick’s Problem’s NC Employees will report to work on Saturday, Mar. 14, 2020, for a half work day (9:30 – 12:00AM) please note our offices will be closed to the public. During this half day employees will be trained on how they will be working remotely from home.

Pstrick’s Problem’s NC